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19946Hayate x Blade anime news...maybe

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  • atheniag
    Feb 2, 2006
      So next month the Hayate x Blade Drama CD comes out - 3/24 to be exact.

      This month several interesting things have hinted strongly at a future

      1) In the March issue of Dengeki Daioh, there's a teeny little box at
      the bottom of the HxB info/art/fan page with a picture that is
      animation-type art, with a note that *next* month there will be a big

      2) An animated advertisment for the Drama CD aired on TV this week.
      Now...really, does anyone ever bother animating a Drama CD ad? (The
      Drama CD website, btw, is now calling this "Volume 1".)

      3) A general sense of unrest and anticipation among the HxB
      fandom...lol Okay, that's not really a reason, but you know how it is.

      Anyway, with the Drama CD set to come out next month, I can only
      assume that any announcement of an anime will be for the summer,
      earliest, because they are not going to dilute interest in the CD.

      But just in case anyone other than me has got their digits crossed... :-)


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