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  • rosepress@aol.com
    Jan 10, 2006
      In a message dated 1/9/2006 8:25:10 A.M. Central Standard Time, anilesbocon01@... writes:
      I admit to having a German Uranus/Neptune paper doll book. The art is
      vile and the writing is hysterical, but it's Haruka and Michiru
      dammit! LOL

      Since you'll scan in youra - I'll scan in mine and we can all play
      dolly dressup. (You know, know that I think about it - I think I have
      a Inner Senshi dress-up doll something on the shrine too. I really
      need to go through that and see what's there.
      We need standardization! How many pixels for the full-height Sailor Moon? That way, the clothes for one set might have a better chance of fitting on the other.
      I'm not sure the publisher of the dolls even knows from Sailor Moon. These are obviously the Inner Senshi, but there are seifuku for only Moon and Mercury. And they have Artemis, but not Luna. Still - kawaii. I hope I can find the Outers.
      No scans until February, but then I can put them up to the group files section. Until then - I'm not sure what Mary Monica had for dinner last night, but it had tentacles ...
      Ellen Rose
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