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19721Re: [Yuricon] Petite Princess Yucie

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  • Nekotine
    Jan 5, 2006
      Ah yes, this is the anime Gainax put out that was loosely based on the
      game called Princess Maker, where you raise a girl through ages 10-18 to
      (hopefully) become a princess. I remember when this was playing in JP
      because the GF at the time asked if I could get it for her since she's a
      HUGE fan of the game but ADV must've gotten in a package deal because the
      fansubs stopped for it pretty fast. ...or maybe I just never put that much
      effort into trying to find it. n.n; Either way, it seemed fun and cute but
      I think in comparison to other stuff I was watching at the time, it got
      pushed to the side.

      Anyways, if you're interested in finding out about the game at all, the
      ex' site is still up at the link provided below.


      --- Pat <oneiric22@...> wrote:

      > I've been catching this on the On Demand version of Anime Network, and
      > have to say that it's a really cute, fun show. I was very amused when
      > they introduced the character Beth, who kept blushing around Cocoloo.
      > It was very cute. They both acted shy and akward in that "I really
      > like you " kind of way. Anyone else watching this?
      > BTW, I took a peek at ANN, and think that a number of character names
      > were changed for the dub. My appologies to anyone who's seen the
      > regular version.

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