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19718Re: [Yuricon] Petite Princess Yucie

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  • Felicia Oliver
    Jan 5, 2006
      I have watched the show it is really cute, what is up with that demon girl and the angel, I think they really like each other.  Beth is shy around everyone, but will go her way for Cocoloo...lol

      Pat <oneiric22@...> wrote:
      I've been catching this on the On Demand version of Anime Network, and
      have to say that it's a really cute, fun show. I was very amused when
      they introduced the character Beth, who kept blushing around Cocoloo.
      It was very cute. They both acted shy and akward in that "I really
      like you " kind of way. Anyone else watching this?

      BTW, I took a peek at ANN, and think that a number of character names
      were changed for the dub. My appologies to anyone who's seen the
      regular version.

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