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19691Re: [Yuricon] Notes on the 12th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Introduction

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  • Erica Friedman
    Jan 1, 2006
      >From: Zyl <thoelzyl@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Notes on the 12th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel -
      >Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 22:44:51 +0800 (CST)

      > The particular gems, for me, in the first half of the novel were:
      > 1) Yumi's mom, a Lilian alumnus herself, fusses over the whole
      >summerhouse invitation as if the Ogasawaras were the in-laws. Absolutely
      >hilarous. You can see that she and Yumi are obviously related with their
      >Ally McBeal-esque imaginations.

      I liked how Yumi, somehwat resignedly thinks, yup - this it the womb I came
      from. :-)

      > 2) Sachiko's infuriatingly indirectly way of poking Yumi about Sei-sama
      >(and Yumi's unintentional retaliation wrt Touko). I can see why Sachiko is
      >jealous since Yumi is so obviously at ease with Sei and speaks her mind to
      >her without reservation. But I suppose this is because, ultimately, Yumi
      >and Sei's relationship is just a friendly one and without the element of
      >romantic/akogare tension that gives the Yumi-Sachiko relationship its
      >livewire feel. One thing I wonder about is if Sachiko would go stone-cold
      >berserk if she ever found out about Yumi kissing Sei.

      I think it also includes a measure of jealousy that Yumi is able to be more
      relaxed with Sei. Sachiko has got to know that she is not a relaxing person
      to be around.

      > 4) Tsutako and Mami's discussion about stalking the Rosa pairs while
      >hiding in the bushes. They really can't help themselves when it comes to
      >pursuing scoops. And they just have to be animated with stray leaves stuck
      >to their hair and clothes. LOL

      One can only hope!

      > On the whole, as Paul anticipates, it does look like this novel will be
      >the basis of the forthcoming OVA - the opening pic from the official
      >website http://www.gokigenyou.com/ seems to show Yumi in her cabbage
      >butterfly one piece.

      And Sachiko in her sweater set.

      > And what is about high-born elder girls who love nobody younger girls?
      >Aside from Sachiko-Yumi, there's Shizuru-Natsuki and Chikane-Himeko. Am
      >sure there are other examples but so far just these other two off the top
      >off my head.

      Mutts are healthier and more even-tempered than purebreds. :-)


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