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19690Re: [Yuricon] Notes on the 12th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Introduction

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  • Zyl
    Jan 1, 2006
      atheniag <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:
      Notes on the 13th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Vacation of the Lambs

      Consider this my New Year's present to you all. :-)

      The first half of this novel has been translated. You can find it at:

      Thank you, Erica for the link and notes! And a very happy new year to you and all on the Yuricon ML as well!

      The particular gems, for me, in the first half of the novel were:

      1) Yumi's mom, a Lilian alumnus herself, fusses over the whole summerhouse invitation as if the Ogasawaras were the in-laws. Absolutely hilarous. You can see that she and Yumi are obviously related with their Ally McBeal-esque imaginations.

      2) Sachiko's infuriatingly indirectly way of poking Yumi about Sei-sama (and Yumi's unintentional retaliation wrt Touko). I can see why Sachiko is jealous since Yumi is so obviously at ease with Sei and speaks her mind to her without reservation. But I suppose this is because, ultimately, Yumi and Sei's relationship is just a friendly one and without the element of romantic/akogare tension that gives the Yumi-Sachiko relationship its livewire feel. One thing I wonder about is if Sachiko would go stone-cold berserk if she ever found out about Yumi kissing Sei.

      3) Yumi realizing that her Dad has no idea about Kashiwagi's interest in Yuki. And Yumi's horror that Yuki had witnessed her performance as Sister B in the Cinderella play.

      4) Tsutako and Mami's discussion about stalking the Rosa pairs while hiding in the bushes. They really can't help themselves when it comes to pursuing scoops. And they just have to be animated with stray leaves stuck to their hair and clothes. LOL

      On the whole, as Paul anticipates, it does look like this novel will be the basis of the forthcoming OVA - the opening pic from the official website http://www.gokigenyou.com/ seems to show Yumi in her cabbage butterfly one piece.

      And what is about high-born elder girls who love nobody younger girls? Aside from Sachiko-Yumi, there's Shizuru-Natsuki and Chikane-Himeko. Am sure there are other examples but so far just these other two off the top off my head.

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