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19680Notes on the 13th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Introduction

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  • atheniag
    Dec 31, 2005
      Notes on the 13th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Vacation of the Lambs

      Consider this my New Year's present to you all. :-)

      The first half of this novel has been translated. You can find it at:
      http://otyaku.com/animeObserver/marimite/KHTK/KHTK_menu.htm The
      translation is by a non-native English speaker so it tends towards the
      literal, but it is perfectly understandable and quite enjoyable.

      Since the first half is translated, I have taken no notes on it
      whatsoever. (Not entirely true – I took a few, but thought, screw
      that, they can read the translation for themselves. LOL) My notes pick
      up immediately after the translation ceases. There will be many and
      various switches of tense and person, because I am much too lazy to
      care about such things and its going to take me forever to type the
      notes up as it is. Point them out at your own peril. -_-

      I found this book to be alternating between utterly delightful and
      irritating as hell. The bits where it bogged down almost killed me
      (the folks on #otenba had to listen to me whine for days while I
      churned) – but the end is wonderful and totally makes up for the slow
      bits. I think it'll make a fine anime, even if they cut the edges off.
      But I fear Sachiko will come off as a complete jerk no matter how they
      do it – because for a lot of this novel, she's a jerk. It really
      pushed the limits of my Sachiko-fandom, let me tell you...

      Because there is as yet no anime, no manga, no Drama CD, I have tried
      to synopsize every scene fully. I have *not* translated the book for
      you, because I want to have a life, not homework, but I think I've
      managed to tell you everything that goes on – with emphasis on the
      fun, the yuri and the significant. 46 pages of notes and after typing
      it up, it's 28 pages long – if you have never thanked me before, *now*
      is a good time. Seriously.

      This novel has got a fair dollop of fanservice. Sean Gaffney pointed
      out that it's the equivalent of the onsen episode of every crappy
      anime ever. Interestingly, I had been wondering about Konno Oyuki
      right before I started reading this book – how did she feel about
      people slashing her characters all over the place? It's of some
      interest to me how authors take it when people do weird shit with
      their original characters. For instance, J.K. Rowling has said that
      she doesn't mind fans slashing hers – (although she *has* read
      several….and been quite surprised by her fans "creativity") on the
      whole she won't read fanfic, for her mental well-being, but she
      doesn't care if they do pair 'em up. Anything to keep fan interest
      high. So, I wondered how Konno-sensei felt about it. This novel
      answers that. She doesn't mind...in fact, this novel *strongly*
      encourages Yumi x Sachiko. Very strongly. She practically beats you to
      death with the yuri bat. If nosebleeds were a literary technique, Yumi
      would have had anemia. (Which is actually a very funny doujinshi I
      own, now that I think about it...)

      Anyway – go to the above link, read the translation and catch up with
      Part 1 immediately afterward. :-)


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