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19492Mai Otome 9 SPOILERS

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  • mellowrg
    Dec 1, 2005
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      To Aeris we will go~
      To Aeris we will go~
      Hi ho, a merry 'o
      To Aeris we will go~

      Class field trip episode, except it's actually a survival exam where
      the class is divided into teams of two.

      Acompanying the gang are the Trias Pearls who there to help hara....
      err.. grade the underclassmen. Shiho in particular, plans to use this
      chance to destroy what's left of Arika's already not so stellar
      academic record.

      Other notable names included Mashiro (and thus Aoi) who was more or
      less bored, Nagi (and thus Sergei) who is scheming something as usual,
      John Smith, and Kazu-kun, the car otaku who is revealed to be from
      Kardea.. dun.. dun.. dun...

      Miss Principal meets up with President Yukino to thank her for letting
      use Aeris territory for the exam. It brings back some memories...

      Natsuki took the exam years ago, but she flunked it. She blames it on
      "that person", though. (probably Mai)

      Likewise Haruka was paired with Shizuru years ago. According to Haruka
      bubuzuke did nothing but slack. Sounds like her alright.

      However this time they actually get to relax since they're the
      examiners, which leads to Shizuru rubbing oil on Natsuki and then some...

      As for the current generation of exam takers..

      Arika is paired with Er(otic)stin. Arika sucks at cooking. Erstin's
      not very athletic. They hope they can conpensate each other's
      weakness, somehow...

      Irina is paired with Miya. Irina is apparently from Aeris, the country
      where this exam is taking place. However, despite all of that, she
      still manages to get lost.

      Nina is paired with Tomoe, who by the way, is still obessesed with
      Shizuru. Which Nina took note of. Tomoe is going to flip out one day,
      kidnap Shizuru and do naughty things to her... hopefully... because
      that would be twisted karmic humor, but for the meantime she'll just
      make do with sabotaging Arika and Erstin's compass and tracking devices...

      which leads them to getting lost.. even worse, Erstin is bitten by a
      snake, and starts to develop a fever. Perhaps as result of the fever,
      Erstin confesses to Arika that she was never really serious about
      being an otome. However, she'll do her best since Arika herself is
      serious about being an otome and she doesn't want to drag Arika down.
      Eventually Erstin breaks down and cries, but Arika goes mother goose
      on her with her lulaby. Sweet, yet awkward. That's Arika for you.
      However, with Erstin's worsening condition and their broken SOS
      devices, Arika has no choice but to seek for help manually.

      Elsewhere, Midori and her sentai have arrived as per their
      conversation with Ze Emperor of Kardea last episode. They scatter
      under the infamous shine of the blue star.

      ...and eventually Arika runs into one of them, a tall slender cyborg
      who talks like a crossdresser... Arika tries to reason, but that only
      makes the Aswad cyborg even more merciless. The cyborg attacks and
      Arika falls into the sea.

      To be continued.

      Next episode... Midori vs Haruka. Rade vs Shizuru. Sergei does the
      body heat thing on naked Arika while Nina panics over daddy dearest.
      Furthermore, we practically have everyone except for Miyu and the
      Argos Empire in that location.. I hope something... explosive comes
      out of this

      I predict someone will be offed in the next episode... either
      1) Kazu-kun
      2) Erstin
      3) Yukino
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