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19491Yuri goodness in French (was Re: Nana anime ^^)

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  • Paul Corrigan
    Nov 30, 2005
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      (Sorry if you get this twice--having trouble with e-mail...PC)

      >Yay ^^
      >Hopefully it's the same time as for "Paradise Kiss".

      (Any further news re: network/animation studio?)

      Please God if they dub it it won't have every single character talking in the faux-hipsterspeak
      they use in the Viz English translation. (Viz usually know better than this. I was most
      disappointed.) If you speak any French, stick to the Editions Delcourt version, which is up to
      volume 11 (and the Volume 7.8 fanbook!) Less censorship of dialogue, too.

      Delcourt also publish Ai Yazawa's _Gokinjo monogatari_ (_Gokinjo, une vie de quartier_), along
      with several volumes by Mari Okazaki in their Collection Sakura. Go to

      Oh yes--Minami Q-ta's semi-autobiographical _Child's Play_ (_Jeux d'enfant_) has been published
      by Editions Casterman under their alternative manga Sakka imprint. I picked my copy up at Librarie
      Fichtre, an alternative comics shop in Montreal; they ship throughout North America

      _Nana_'s more mainstream, so Archambault (www.archambault.ca) should be able to fix you up
      (they ship to the US as well).

      I know Lililicious keep track of French editions of authors they translate, so this should be
      of use at least to them. ^_^

      Paul Corrigan

      PS Not that anybody asked this either, but a (please God) final version of chapter 2 of my
      Marimite fic "Les Filles du lys de montagne" is now online:


      Sorry, Chris, Toko doesn't die, at least not here, though some people might like the
      Shimako/Noriko yuri goodness. Or not.

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