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19361Re: [Yuricon] Mai Otome 6 SPOILERS

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  • Chalcahuite
    Nov 12, 2005
      On Nov 12, 2005, at 7:56 AM, Erica Friedman wrote:

      From: Chalcahuite <ximatl@...>
      Subject: [Yuricon] Mai Otome 6 SPOILERS
      Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:52:02 -0500

      Pools, swimsuits, and fanservice. Oh my!













      It's interesting that we're told that only one girl goes on to be an Otome, 
      because there seem to be plenty of Otome hanging about. Maybe the lesser 
      non-Meister Otome aren't quite as cool, but there is pretty much no doubt 
      that these two will break the rule. I have no doubt that they will both 
      become Meister, and friends, although Nina will be damned before she ever 

      Well, from what I've heard there are 50 Corals, of which only half go on to become Pearls, and I think it's half or less of those become Meister. And given their powers I can see why they'd want to limit the number of Meisters in circulation, even though it's a perpetual arms race. And I'm positive Nina and Arika will become Meister, not sure about the rest of the Corals though. 

      I think Yukariko assigns both Nina and Arika to Nao, after having to  put 
      the smack down, double arrow style, on them.

      Also to force Nao to become responsible for something. Nina would never ever 
      get in trouble if it weren't for Arika. She'd always feel responsible for  
      Nao's misbehaviors, in fact. Since as a pair Arika and Nina are trouble with 
      a capital 'T', it'll make Nao have to be onee-sama like.

      Yes, this makes sense. Someone else pointed out in the boards, that Nao may have purposely avoided being a Tria for the simple reason that she didn't want the responsibility, and that's very Nao.

      As an aside, I've noticed that more people in the boards are referring to this sempai-kouhai type of relationship in Marimite terms (soeur/petite soeur) than anything else.  I don't know how much of this is pervasiveness of Marimite among Western fans who have seen the show or Western fans who are picking up from Japanese fans who use the terms, but it may suggest that Marimite has a broader appeal than we realize or I'm inferring too much. ;)

      Shiho is a bonafide nutjob. Her over the top antics makes me think  that 
      she'll have little to do when the main plot kicks in. Though, I  imagine 
      that, like Haruka in Mai-Hime, they'll throw in a moment when  the series 
      gets darker that makes you root for her. Oh, in her maki- maki book Nina's 
      and Arika's name are on one page, but the left hand  page, is titled 
      (Juliet maki-maki),  meaning Nao.

      Arika's only three maki-maki's though - very low on the list.

      Yes, Nao is clearly her hated rival.  I speculate wildly that it probably all stems from the fact that Nao let Shiho become a Tria, because she didn't want it. 

      Shiho transports, somehow, these invisible eel like creatures to the  
      school's pool, to take advantage of Nina's newly discovered weakness,  
      (thanks Arika for telling the entire school), and knock her down a  few 

      Well, come on - if you knew the too-perfect class star's weak points, 
      wouldn't you say?

      I wasn't disapproving, per se, just reciting the events with the NYT's level of objectivity. ;)

      So, when Nina and Arika's class have their
      lesson in the  pool, these eel things begin to swim past the girls in 
      wholly  inappropriate ways. This is where Erstin's admission comes in, as 
      we  see an eel swim between her legs, and she makes the leap/wish that  
      Nina, who's standing behind her, did it. Nina's reaction is to  immediately 
      check to see if Erstin is feverish.

      That actually made me laugh out loud. The rest of the fanservice only made 
      me make scrunchy face.

      This was definitely the funniest moment in the show. 

      Nina wakes up in the infirmary, and I'm not sure why, but she's naked  
      under the sheets. And practically everyone is there when she wakes  up. 
      This is where that still shot of Erstin's unorthodox CPR comes  in. I'm not 
      sure if Nina's upset because it was her first kiss or  that she had to be 
      rescued. Erstin probably thinks it's the former.

      It's probably that her father wasn't the one to give her that 
      oh-so-important first mouth-to-mouth.

      I thought about that, but I just didn't want to give it any credence. I'm hoping she grows out of her Electra phase. Now that I'm thinking about it more, it's probably a combination of all three. 

      The eels through a label switch end up becoming a huge tentacle  monster. 
      Shiho, Erstin and Nina get caught by it, but only Erstin and  Nina are 
      molested by it. Cue drooling fanboys.

      Well, Shiho - yuck.

      Yeah. As the comic villain she don't get no lub. 

      I think Midori is trying to kill them all off.

      Probably because of screen time. ;)

      I don't think there's a character I dislike at this point, and it  seems to 
      me Mai-Otome is a better series at this point than Mai-Hime.  I'm not sure 
      if the writing team is the same, but if it is then,  clearly, they have 
      learned something from doing Mai-Hime.  I don't  think they're ROD-TV level 
      yet, but it doesn't suck and that's saying  a lot.

      There's no Tate. He's become a nice, not schlubby guy and is pretty much out 
      of the romantic running, so as to not complicate things.

      For the girls at any rate, he's out of the running. There's been some talk about Rena making an appearance later on, and Sergey's feeling for her haven't waned at all in the intervening years so maybe something happens there. An adult relationship, that'd be nice for once. Which means we won't get one. 

      It looks like Nagi gets some shoujo-bubble treatment next episode which is a prima facie wrongness. 

      It imporves the scenery quite a bit.

      And the odds. . . . 

      M-H was based on the various sadnesses of Mai, M-O seems to be based on the 
      usual challenge for someone wholely unsuitable, yet with a destiny, to be 
      the best...whatever. It's easier on the nerves.

      Maybe that's why this series may turn out better than Mai-Hime, since it's a simpler formula to work from. 

      Nao is talking to Arika at one point and mentions that meister otome  can 
      subsitute for a nation's military. The shot we see during this  appears to 
      be of Shizuru and the city burning below has a clock tower  that reminds me 
      of London.

      The city the school is in has the Flatiron building. I love that building. A 
      friend of mine works there - it's all bizarro angles in the offices.

      Really, I didn't notice that. But, yes, the Flatiron building does rock. 

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