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19275Re: [Yuricon] Iono-sama Fanatics

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  • Ashley
    Oct 31 8:47 PM
      atheniag wrote:

      > A little while back Erin mentioned this title, "Iono-sama Fanatics"
      > and I mentioned that I was getting it. Well I read it over the weekend
      > and it's really delightful.
      > To start with, the artist is Fujieda Miyabi of Miyabi's Moonphase
      > (http://www.moonphase.jp), <http://www.moonphase.jp%29,> the same
      > artist who does "Kotonoha no Miko
      > to Kotodamanano Majou to" for Yuri Hime. And a bunch of other stuff.
      > The story is, simply a love comedy starring Iono-sama, the queen of a
      > small country, who happens to love women with long, black hair. She
      > comes to Japan to hit on girls and try to convince them to join her as
      > a lady-in-waiting. (As Erin mentioned, "sobame" is a woman who is next
      > to the Queen.)
      > Iono is rejected by one girl - and this same girl keeps coming back
      > like a bad penny as a running gag - and runs into our heroine, Eto.
      > Eto agrees to be a sobame, but insists she's only joking, when a crazy
      > woman attacks her and the Queen. The Queen takes off, carrying Eto
      > with her. They end up at an onsen, where the Queen convinces Eto to
      > join her.
      > We learn that Eto was, in fact, in love with her kouhai in high
      > school, but the younger girl left her for someone else. Now she's in
      > college, but she thought she was past this kind of thing - but Iono is
      > *very* convincing.
      > Iono is very, deeply and personally, in love with all her sobame.
      > There's Cass, the blonde crazy who attacked them earlier. She's
      > insanely jealous and wants Iono to love her exclusively. Which Iono
      > does, when it's Cass' turn. :-)
      > Bloomer is the Queen's costumer - and cool as the proverbial cuke. She
      > seems to understand the Queen - and Cass - way better than they do
      > themselves.
      > Freshi is the Queen's security chief and her daughter Argent (these
      > two cover several different completely different fetishes all at once)
      > act as the Queen's bodyguards.
      > Eto is a little depressed when she meets the other sobame, because
      > they all have specific roles, while she's sort of a free agent. The
      > Queen convinces her that her role is to "be there" and that's enough.
      > But there's a cute chapter where Eto tries to play Guide (complete
      > with cute costume made by Bloomer) to Japan, in order for Iono-sama to
      > find more cute girls.
      > Iono determines to hold auditions for more sobame, which drives Cass
      > crazy - and into disguise. But Iono-sama knows all the women she
      > loves, in disguise or out and Cass is found out.
      > My personal favorite is the last round of auditions. One of the
      > candidates, an adorable girl named Arata, misunderstands "sobame" to
      > mean a woman who makes soba noodles. :-) Arata is initially unsure
      > whther she can do the job, but she decides to go for it, after Freshi
      > meets her in the hall and gives her encouragement. Arata does make
      > delicious noodles - and, more importantly, saves the Queen's (and
      > Freshi's) life when the next "candidate" turns out to be an assassin.
      > While Arata and Freshi are staring deeply into each other's eyes,
      > Argent just gives her mother the old "Gambatte, Mom" and Iono-sama
      > gives her blessing to them. They are impossibly cute together,
      > especially as Freshi is a tough as nails, black suited, black glasses,
      > gun slinging kind of gal, and Arata is a little soba maker. All I can
      > say is "squee!". LOL
      > I recommend "Iono-sama Fanatics" highly for yuri that makes you smile.
      > If you're looking for sex this is not your manga, but for yuri that is
      > sexy and funny and cute without being nauseating- this is an excellent
      > example of the breed. I've added it to the Manga section of the
      > Yuricon Shop, in fact: http://www.yuricon.org/shop/manga.html#Iono
      > Cheers,
      > Erica

      I am *definitely* buying this manga friday now! :D Consider it sold!
      lol. It sounds really delightful. Is this a series, or just one manga? I
      hope theres more. :)

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