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19274[WWW]Yuricon website updates

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  • Erica Friedman
    Oct 31 7:19 PM
      Just a few more updates to the website for you!

      I've updated the Events page: http://www.yuricon.org/events/

      The Comic Fusion Grand Opening is now listed - join us Nov. 5th at 42 Main.
      St. Flemington, NJ to celebrate with staffer Stacy as she embarks on an
      exciting new journey. :-) Drop by, tell us you love yuri and get a little
      yuri-riffic present. :-)

      The dates for the Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign lectures are up and so is
      the official word from Sakuracon on out Yuri panel there. (Positions are
      still open for panelists...email me privately if you think you're fit for
      panelist duty!)

      The Yuricon Shop has been updated slightly, as well. I've added a button for
      International orders for Yuri Monogatari 3, since the other options haven't
      been working out terribly well. If you're non-US, please use the
      International orders button when ordering, thanks.

      And a few new items have been added to the Amazon JP listing. Along with
      Yuri Hime 2, and Iono-sama Fanatics, you can find a bunch more yuri manga
      from Japan, like the exceptionally amusing Hayate Cross Blade and sex-filled
      Shoujo Sect. Something for everyone. :-)

      I absolutely promise that sometime soon I will update "The List" because I
      have received about a million suggestions and I'm horribly behind in adding
      all the new series that have come out. So feel free to send any suggestions
      you have for "The List" to anilesbocon01@.... Not all suggestions
      will make "The List", but I'll look into ever single last one, unless it's
      impossibly stupid. :-)
      (Dear World of Incredibly Obtuse Otaku - Please stop suggesting Belldandy.
      She will NEVER be on "The List." Thank you, Erica.") lol



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