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18835Re: [Yuricon] Re: Digest Number 1588

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  • Jesse "Marduk" James S.
    Sep 9, 2005
      unclero@... wrote:

      > > That, and the fact that shounenai is now considered to be a term that
      > > refers to child porn in Japan.
      > >
      > > It may not seem important to keep up to date on such terms, until you
      > > go into a store and ask for the shounenai doujinshi, only to be
      > > asked, politely, to leave the country...now. :-)

      It's ironic and quite inconvinient when there's a shift in meaning for a
      term in it's area of origin, but this shift isn't largely known in other
      areas using the term (or those areas have their own usage that from the
      start somewhat diverged from the original meaning; and then there's a
      shift; and then there's connonations and implications and nuances
      and--oh, Lord, I seem to have gone cross-eyed.)

      Like otaku. It seems to me that the term's evolving similarly to 'geek'
      in the US; starting to loosen it's creepier connonations (more slowly,
      though....most people nowadays don't even remember that a geek was the
      dude in a side show who bit off chicken heads; but I digress) and become
      more of a term usable in a prideful manner. Someone who knows; am I
      [anywhere near] right? It just seemed that way to me. Or so Genshiken
      would lead one to believe >.>......XD

      -Can we go to the place where we're forgiven?-
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