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18769Saving Face....It's coming! ;)

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  • nekokuniko
    Sep 2, 2005
      Hello there! =^.^=

      I know I rarely post anymore but I thought this newsworthy, and a
      quick search of the forums makes it -seem- that this hasn't been

      A while back a little asian-lesbian film came out called Saving Face,
      that Erica, myself, and a few others went to see at it's New York
      premier (Erica's review here

      Well, the exciting news is I've just discovered that it's coming out
      on DVD in just a little over a month! Woohoo! Yay for Alice Wu =^.^=

      Here's the amazon link, go pre-order it now! It's an -excellent-
      lesbian love movie, happy ending, goofy mother, and all ;)


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