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18723Re: Ichigo Mashimaro yuri (a disturbing trend?)

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  • Jen
    Aug 24, 2005
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@h...> wrote:
      > So I'm going to stop arguing with myself and just admit that its
      got yuri. There. Okay? Sheesh.
      > LOL

      Not to be a killjoy, but methinks our enjoyment of IM is rather bad on
      a political level.

      Far be it from me to deride IM for what it is, since the "kiddy krush
      on the babysitter/piano tutor, etc" is certainly a yuri story that is
      far from overdone, and makes a nice change by being cute AND due (not
      to mention something a few of us can relate to)... but I'm gonna have
      to deride IM for what it represents: the persistant loligasming of
      yuri to make it popular.

      Perhaps it's just the fact that I'm hopelessly addicted to the daytime
      soapy drama that is DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR (available in paperback and
      webcomic) and it's plethora of 30/40-something cool dykes, but it's a
      stark contrast in character and timing when compared to the Yuri Of
      The Month that is Ichigo Mashimaro; a series of prepubes and the yuri
      found therein.

      It's a cliche that there just isn't enough yuri out there (... period)
      that features grown up consentors in favour of teenybopper
      schoolgirls, but it all comes down to what's popular and what's cool.
      Series like Marimite and Mai HiMe are turning yuri into more than
      just a fashionable genre (this year's fad), and giving yuri a chance
      at some well-deserved recognition. However, in order to achieve true
      popularity (and thus survive it's fad status), yuri neds to market
      itself to the greater anime-viewing public. That means men. That
      means young men. That means loli time.

      Heck, even ROD TV couldn't get by with just the Yokimo/Nenene thang,
      and had to prop up the Anita/Hisa-chan couplehood to give the series
      it's token loli (yes, I love these two gals too. I attack what I
      love). Now with all these yuri series out there featuring a glut of
      schoolgirls, we now have to watch yuri characters de-aged even
      further. Cue Ichigo Marshmellow.

      Yes, we love the antics and we raise eyebrows (and grin slyly) at
      Slam-Ko's behaviour with Nobue, and a possible "Best Friends" thing
      with Megane-Ko & Gaijin-Ko... but still, is THIS where we have to go
      for yuri these days? Prepubes? We've watched our yuri couples grow
      younger and younger, and now there honestly isn't anywhere else to go.
      Is this really happening because yuri is trying live beyond it's 15
      minutes of fame, and doing what it must to survive... or am I reading
      way WAY too much into all this?

      Aside from Devil Lady (which I haven't watched), I'm struggling to
      find anyone older than schoolgirls.

      On top, we have...

      Yomiko dragging Nenene, Nancy and Maggie in a big yuri sack,

      Then the teens...

      Kurumi & Saki
      Mirielle & Kirika
      The Battle Athletes
      Priss & her sassy sexaroid
      Haruka & Michiru
      Utena & Anthy
      The Marimite crew
      The HiME rangers
      The Angelic Layer gladiators
      Azumanga's Kaorin
      Pita-Ten's Misha & Shia

      Which brings us to Junior High...

      The Alien 9 gals
      Anita & Hisa
      Sakura & Tomoyo

      And now the latest from kindergarten...

      Strawberry Marshmellow!

      A disturbing trend, or much ado about nothing?

      (Goes back to rewatching IM. Heh-heh... Slam-Ko got slammed again. I
      love Miu so much!) ^_^

      Kisses XXOOXX
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