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  • atheniag
    Aug 23, 2005
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      Okay, I give in.

      Volume 3 of the manga.

      It's not so much that there is yuri, its just that it skirts yuri in
      such a way that you know that the characters know that Nobue knows
      that Miu's obsession with her is just slightly more than a crush. And
      Miu knows that they all know, and she doesn't care - mostly because
      she's a right nutter.

      Nobue and Miu begin to argue over Matsuri (as usual, but this time
      it's about sleeping arrangments for a sleepover) and Miu huffs off.
      Nobue apologizes and says that she'll have to stay with Miu tonight.
      They lay in bed and argue *exactly* like a couple. Miu is the hurt
      girl, whose boyfriend has been caught flirting with another woman.
      Nobue plays her role to a 'T', saying, No, baby, you're the only one I

      It was a little freaky and damn funny.

      So I'm going to stop arguing with myself and just admit that its got
      yuri. There. Okay? Sheesh.



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