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18678Re: YKK Chapter 126

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  • atheniag
    Aug 12, 2005
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Adam Jones <adam@y...> wrote:

      > ...is out. Hooray!
      > I'd just like to say:
      > "Kokone always sleeps over."

      I *just* got a chance to read volume 13. I love that whole chapter!
      The way Makki realizes that she's never seen Alpha look that way
      before, and the way she runs off early to leave Kokone and Alpha alone

      Another happy-making Kokone x Alpha chapter. :-)

      On another note - it is truly amazing just how mature Alpha is
      compared with the early chapters of YKK. Robot or not, she had
      definitely grown up.

      Third and last gushy Alpha note. In the last chapter (I picked up the
      August copy of "Afternoon" magazine, because I could) the old Sensei
      (a woman I think is truly fabulous) gae Alpha a necklace. It is, as
      usual, a touching scene, which left Alpha in tears and me all misty.
      SOP for me and YKK. lol


      (who is pretending not to notice that she used three acronyms in one
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