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18628Re: [Yuricon] Re: Ichigo Mashimaro (again)

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  • Ashley
    Aug 1, 2005
      Jen wrote:

      > Wow. In addition to the voice, Gaijin-Ko has inherited Shimako's wind
      > powers, too. Fly to me, my little cherry blossoms... ^_^
      > Not nearly enough Slam-Ko slammers this time. Meh.
      > Kisses XXOOXX
      > Jen

      Nobue dressing up Matsuri in neko-mimi and then giggling about it and
      Matsuri ending everything in nya reminded me of Lucy (is that her name?)
      from Elfen Lied lol although she said nyu... Anyway most of what
      happened in this episode didnt seem to make any sense to me...
      especially Miu's action lol. Not that that didnt make a difference, it
      lived up to the name Revenge of the Cuteness. hehe. There wasnt alot of
      Miu/Nobue abuse, just alot of cute-cuteness and cute-sillyness. heh.

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