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  • Ashley
    Jul 31, 2005
      5 Words: Big boobs and panty-shots. :P

      So, the other day my friend Lilith told me about how much she hated
      Battle Vixens (ikkitousen), and so, I decided to check it out... and Im
      so glad this anime isnt supposed to be serious, otherwise I think Id
      hate it. lol. I *was* going to count the number of panty-shots in the
      first episode like I did with Najica, but after counting 10 within the
      first five minutes I lost count and gave up. hehe.

      Its ridiculous to say the least, and the first things I thought of while
      watching it were Mai Hime and DBZ. The students clothes are almost
      identical (I think the guys clothes are) to the ones they wear in Mai
      Hime... and theres the bit about the soul bound to the magatama that
      reminds me of the birthmark that the Himes have. And finally, DBZ...
      well, thats just obvious lol.

      Yeah, so I like it, even if it is nothing but panty-shot fanservice and

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