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18319Re: [Yuricon] More Licensing news

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  • Sean Gaffney
    Jul 3, 2005
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      On 2 Jul 2005 at 23:49, Chalcahuite wrote:

      > Bandai announced today they're doing Mai-HiME, also Fate/Stay Night before it's even aired and
      > Starship Operators
      > and 
      > Geneon's got Kannaduki no Miko
      > Still no Marimite. 
      > I think somebody should ask Geneon at their next panel at the next convention if they have any
      > plans at all to bring that over. If nobody asks before Otakon, I'll do it. 

      Kannaduki and Fate/Stay are filled with cool battles. If MariMite does a series 3 and
      Yumi pilots a giant robot, I think Geneon might take a chance. As it stands, with the
      anime market shrinking a bit, and with its very limited potential audience, I think
      Geneon will point at you and laugh.

      But hey, I'm cynical.

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