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  • atheniag
    Jul 1, 2005
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@h...> wrote:

      > There's only two issues of the manga so far and both had me

      > Nonetheless, the story is really
      > adorable, so if you want a change of pace, Kamichuu might be a good
      > choice. :-)

      I take that back. Don't watch this anime. Its AWFUL. I don't know how
      they managed to do it, but the managed to suck every single iota of
      funny and happy right out of it.They changed just two things from the
      manga, but those two changes have radically altered the entire feel of
      the story and turned what was a delightful story into a Miyakzaki-
      ripoff boring magical girl thing.

      The first change is the one that sets the tone for the entire series -
      in the anime Yurie is a sort of energy-less, melancholic girl, instead
      of the cheefrul, fun kid in the manga.

      The second change was insane. In the manga, when Yurie saves the boy
      she likes, she changes into a more mature version of herself in a
      miko's outfit. Her hair gets longer, her face older, her body matures,
      etc. She and Inomiya float down back towards earth and when they hit
      the school pool, he's unconscious. When he comes to, there's Yurie,
      looking the way she normally does in regular clothes. He asks her,
      "who are you" and she gets a little bummed because he doesn't
      recognize her, but understands why.

      In the anime, he is conscious the ENTIRE time even as they land in the
      pool. Yurie's body does not change, she doesn't age, just her hair
      gets longer and she stays in her school uniform. After they land in
      the pool, he looks at Yurie, whose hair is normal again, looks around
      for the "other girl" and says, "who are you."

      It's a little change, but it really killed him as a character. Buddy,
      you landed in a pool with a girl and you're now standing in a pool
      with a girl who looks *exactly the same* but with shorter hair and you
      can't figure out that this is the girl who rescued you?

      I was spitting nails for a few after the episode was over. On the
      whole, I'd say avoid the anime and wait for scanlations of the manga -
      because its SO much more fun. Hell, just page through the pictures in
      Dengeki, it's still good for a giggle.



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