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18067Re: [Yuricon] Dykes to Watch Out For

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  • Ashley
    Jun 4, 2005
      Jen wrote:

      > Just before I go to sleep (Sign o' the times. "Turn that sh*t off!"
      > now means the computer), has anyone here given the thumbs up to Alison
      > Bechdel's DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR series?
      > I bring it up under YuriCon's nationality non-committal 'girls...
      > animated' policy, since it's not JP anime.
      > I ask because I've just been given volumes 1 & 2. My dad had noticed
      > we've had an absolutely horrid week, so he bought me both (plus the
      > collected GHOST WORLD). Have I mentioned my Dad is the coolest evar?
      > ^_^
      > (Yes, this is the same Dad who said I could dyke out all I want, but
      > if I ever brought a boy home, he'd shoot them in the face.
      > Apparently, he can "trust" a girl with me.) x_x
      > Kisses XXOOXX
      > Jen
      lmao. Thats funny about your dad. No boys, but play with all the girls
      you want. hehe. He sounds cool. :)

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