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18044Re: [Yuricon] Scoop - Yuri Shimai is reborn!

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  • Erin Subramanian
    Jun 2, 2005
      atheniag wrote:

      >Ichijinsha's website reports the that "Yuri Hime" will be available in
      >Summer 2005 - with a Yuricon Report!
      >Yuri Hime is going to have a cover by Hibiki Reine and it looks like
      >all our favorite artists will be returning with their popular series -
      >including Hayashiya Shizuru, artist of Strawberry Shake and Morinaga
      >There's a short story by Hibiki Reine as well and one of the essays is
      >by Mori Natsuko, one of the Guests at Yuricon in Tokyo.
      >Yuri Hime's target sales date is 7/16 and you can be sure that, as
      >soon as it's available on Amazon JP, we'll have it on the Yuricon
      Yay, this is really great news! :)

      Actually, the funny thing is that I had a dream last night that you were
      somehow involved in the production of Yuri Shimai under the new company,
      and you guys were having trouble getting mangaka to draw for it... And
      now today I wake up and open up my email and there's an email from you
      about Yuri Shimai. Very funny coincidence. ^^
      I hope tonight I dream about you winning the lottery and licensing all
      my favorite yuri manga and then wake up tomorrow to find that it's come
      true... ;)

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