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18038Great new stuff on the Yuricon website!

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  • atheniag
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Hello all!

      There's alot going on on the Yuricon website, so if you haven't been
      there in a while, you should check in!

      Right off the top, we have some new items on the Yuricon Shop. New
      anime and manga titles have been added. "Shoujoai ni Bouken" the
      Illustrated Adventures of Yurko, with over two dozen illustrations by
      our own Kun (cover and incidental artist for all the Yuri Monogatari)
      is now on pre-order sale for over 30% off the cover price. This offer
      ends soon, so place your order now!

      And Cafepress is offering $10 off on all orders over $30. Yes - $10,
      not 10%. This offer lasts until June 14, so now is a really great time
      to get your "I Love Yuri" t-shirts and gifts and other great Yuricon
      items. Visit the Yuricon Shop at http://www.yuricon.org/shop

      We've got a new Essay, as well - your opinions on the Top Must-see/
      read yuri series were heard and is now our newest essay: Yuri 101 -A
      Beginner's Guide to "Must-See" Yuri Anime and Manga. We've also got an
      updated version of the "What is Yuri?" essay. After conversations with
      Itou Bungaku, the man who coined the term in 1971, and some of Japan's
      leading yuri authors and artists, we think we've got the history and
      etymology completely right, now. :-)

      Don't forget our new Yuriko Fanfic contest! We're looking for stories
      of Yuriko's best, worst and funniest jobs ever. Have fun with our
      beloved pop idol mascot and win some cool prizes - extra cool
      doujinshi, manga, anime, or a gift certificate to Anime Castle!

      New things coming in the next few days: New pictures on the Gallery;
      ALC Publishing is co-sponsoring "Project Manga" at Onna!, so all you
      up-and-coming manga artists look out for that; And new AMV's to go up
      soon on Yuri Studios, the web's only archive of all-yuri themed AMVs.
      Don't forget to check out the two winners of our 2005 contests,
      bakablonde's Devilman Lady AMV and QazYseult's Mary Goes To Prom, the
      winner of our Yuricon in Tokyo Contest.
      Yuri Studios: http://www.yuricon/org/videos/

      (QazYseult, if you're reading this, please email me....)

      So keep coming back to the Yuricon website for more yuri than anywhere
      else on the web! http://www.yuricon.org
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