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17788New original yuri doujinshi on the Yuricon Shop!

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  • atheniag
    May 2, 2005
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      Hi all!

      I'm pleased to announce a new category on the Yuricon Shop Manga Page:
      Original yuri doujinshi

      All of these doujisnhi are original, not pardoies of an anime or manga
      series. They are by four of the premier yuri doujinshi artists in
      Japan right now, several of whom were Guests at Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo
      - and who have written essays for the Yuricon 2005 Program book, also
      on the Shop. :-)

      These doujinshi are at Comiket prices - every book is $5 or less! All
      doujinshi are *in Japanese.*

      Doujinshi Assortment from Eriko Tadeno - this veteran mangaka writes
      and draws the most amazing stories of love, heartbreak, coming out,
      long-term relationships and more. For $20 you will get four of Tadeno-
      san's brilliant doujinshi. Stories and page count vary.

      Pastelique by Akira Sodeoka
      On the first day of high school, Shino sees bookworm Yuka under a
      cherry tree and falls head over heals in love. But Yuka is more than
      just a little shy. Does Shino have what it takes to get past Yuka's
      walls and find happiness? You bet. :-)

      Hanakotoba (Language of Flowerss by Sakuraike
      I make no bones about it - THIS is my favorite yuri doujinshi circle
      right now. Two different artists, two totally different stories in
      each book. In this book, we follow the humorous adventures of a
      straight girl in a yuri world. No one understands the poor straight
      girl who draws yuri doujinshi! To make things worse, her partner is an
      oversexed lesbian whos e base desires come before deadlines. Also in
      this volume, a somber tale of love and suicide that becomes a
      beautiful memory.

      Futarigoto by Akiko Morishima
      Mosrishima-san is a popular shoujo mangaka in Japan, and the lead
      artists of yuri doujinshi circle "Girlish". Futarigoto is a collection
      of two short yuri stories, focusing on that ever-popular body part...a
      girl's chest. lol

      We'll be getting some pardoy doujinshi up shortly, but these and the
      the original above, have VERY limited supply, so don't wait to place
      those orders!

      You wanted good yuri...well here's the best out there.