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17462Re: [Yuricon] Re: Mai HiME ep 22 (Freaking big spoilers, yo)

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  • Chalcahuite
    Mar 6, 2005
      On Mar 6, 2005, at 6:50 AM, ivevei wrote:

      > Um, Spoilers again.
      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Ka-chan" <firesenshimars@y...> wrote:
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      >> SPOILERS
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      > I know we, and the rest of the Mai-HiME watching world, have been
      > going back and forth on Shizuru's actions and their justifiability. At
      > this point, I'm not sure what to think anymore.

      I find it interesting that Mai, as the title character, doesn't get
      talked about very much these days. Could also be the crowd I hang
      with, but I'm pretty sure, nobody's spending as much time speculating
      on Mai and Tate.

      > So of course the whole world is cheering on Shachou... at which point
      > the Writers-from-Hell decide to cut her down in the most
      > stomach-turning manner possible.

      They probably don't, but I wonder if anybody at Sunrise is tracking the
      fan reaction and relating it back to the writers.

      > And yet, her guilt is not certain. That scene behind the doors can be
      > construed either way - that it was what Yukino actually, or that it
      > was simply Natsuki's conjecture in a moment of shock. Yukino's
      > dialogue is rather ambiguous. "I saw, just like you kissed her just
      > now, what you did to Kuga-san who was asleep... How could you do that
      > to somebody who trusted you completely as a friend!"
      > Could it be that the writers are simply messing with us yet again?


      > They shown Shizuru in the worst light possible, adding Natsuki's
      > negative reaction into this mix. Then, spoilers that imply Diana's
      > demise. Oh dear... As we have seen from Mai-HiME's spoilers so far,
      > that usually means a curve ball.

      The curve ball is that 23 is Midori's last episode. Though, it could
      be something else, entirely.

      > Perhaps I'm grasping at straws. I like Shizuru far too much, and can
      > only pray that the writers too will treat her with more respect than
      > to banish her as a despicable lesbian-with-no-self-control. Even if
      > Natsuki doesn't feel the same, I hope that somehow Shizuru is
      > vindicated, proven to Natsuki that she in fact did not take more than
      > that one kiss from a sleeping Natsuki.
      > Okay, so she also ran her fingers through her hair. That's forgivable
      > ^^;;

      Absolutely. I mean, who hasn't stolen a kiss from a sleeping girl. ;)

      > Some Japanese sites have speculated that Natsuki's mother will be
      > shown to be alive and working hard as a SEARSS researcher for
      > Natsuki's sake, and hence Duran shall arise once again, stronger than
      > ever. I hope so, because otherwise it only leaves Takeda-sempai *turns
      > around and heaves*

      The only other possibility that actually would be more credible would
      be Afro-sensei. (I forget his name.) But, Natsuki's mother returning,
      would be a bit out left field, but not unprecedented, seeing as Searrs
      brought her back in the manga.

      >> There's been some real detrimental blows to Natsuki's conscience of
      >> late...which is why I'll not buy into the 'disgusted' part of so many
      >> people's arguement of her reaction. Not until she's said so herself.
      >> In sane mind.
      > Admittedly, Natsuki is still in shock. Still, if she had any shred of
      > romantic feeling for Shizuru, I doubt she would have reacted in that
      > way. I don't know if she will hate Shizuru (we see her standing behind
      > Shizuru in the preview...?!), but I don't think there's much chance
      > that she does return Shizuru's feelings.

      She may not have returned them yet, but she didn't reject them when
      presented with them before. I'm pretty sure she understood Shizuru's
      meaning, so she could have said flat out she couldn't like Shizuru in
      that way, but she didn't. So, all hope is not lost yet, but may be in
      23. ;)

      > In a way, I have to respect the turn of events. How realistic is it to
      > assume that everything ends happily ever after, shoujo ai included?
      > The way the series was going, that may have been optimistic. It seems
      > that shoujo ai is a trend right now, and perhaps the writers simply
      > used it as a convenient plot device.

      Well, if they were to go for a dark, tragic ending then, yes, all the
      elements are in place for it, and I'd might actually like this
      direction. Though I prefer a yuri happy ending, I don't mind the dark
      ending if it's done right. But, it's very rarely done right, so it's
      always a concern.

      > Ahem. Excuse me while I go and curse them for a couple minutes.
      >>> I still don't think it makes much sense for Natsuki to be apart from
      >>> Shizuru, even if Natsuki doesn't return any of her feelings, she's
      >>> still Shizuru's MIP and therefore at risk. But, I got nothing at
      >>> this point.
      > I'm afraid that Shizuru actually goes poof in ep 23... :P

      I don't think so, I think she survives 23, but she'll succeed in
      driving Natsuki away. Unless, there's a plausible way for killing
      Shizuru or Kiyohime without elminating Natsuki, I think she'll make it
      to at least 25.

      >>>> I think *she* thinks so, but that's because she's picked someone
      >>>> safe and unattainable to love. If Haruka actually turned around and
      >>>> returned the feeling, I bet it would progress to perverted faster
      >>>> than Yukino could imagine.
      >> Well said, Erica.
      >>> You say perverted, I say healthy. ;)
      >> Even better said, Serge. ;D
      > Hahahaha... I suppose so. Yukino strikes me as very deferential and
      > conservative. Hence, she wouldn't even dare consider the possibility
      > of anything more than a platonic relationship. In a sense, she's the
      > one who would do anything for her MIP, including adapting her own
      > feelings and expectations to what Haruka wants (or what Yukino thinks
      > Haruka wants).

      I think Yukino does want more than a platonic relatioship, but she's in
      denial, and she'll finally come face to face with it, in 23.

      >> I dunno about that...calling Yukino a peeping tom (and that she enjoys
      >> it) pretty much says a low blow to me (however much she may have
      > Ah, I thought that was an excellent rejoiner. In fact, I would be
      > cheering Shizuru on like no tomorrow, if not for that one little
      > behind-the-doors scene. Imagine how things would be if that sequence
      > had not been there. Anyway, I think we the viewers are still getting
      > manipulated like heck.

      Yes, at this point, I don't think we know one way or another what
      actually transpired yet. But, the point of the scene was to throw doubt
      in the viewer's and Natsuki's mind. So, in sense, it doesn't really
      matter at this point if it happened or not. Natsuki thinks that it did,
      and will go forward from that.

      >> Shizuru
      >> and Yukino have, so far, been argueably the 2 most level-headed of the
      >> HiME - with the exception of possibly Midori. It's tense...but I don't
      >> know that I want to believe that Shizuru would attack either of them
      >> for merely what has already been said. But then, she's been playing
      > Seconded. Something weird and illogical is going on. No reason to
      > fight. Well, that's my take on it anyway. I hope stuff actually makes
      > more sense in ep 23.
      >> I just don't want another 'system reset'...I've had my fill for at
      > Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Things have degenerated so far,
      > and look to get far worse, that if you don't reset, it'd be a Real
      > Sh!tty Ending, and if you reset, it'd be the Copout Ending from Hell.

      It depends on how they do it. If the 6 year old girl and the 9 year old
      boy write it, then we certainly are damned. ;)

      > At this point, we would have to rely on fanfics and doujinshi :P

      And we weren't before?

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