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17454Re: Mai HiME ep 22 (Freaking big spoilers, yo)

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  • Ka-chan
    Mar 6, 2005
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:

      > Shizuru, in a moment, of weakness, succumbs to temptation and
      > kisses a sleeping Natsuki (though it's a situation I totally
      > understand) and Natsuki, having lost the only thing she could trust
      > in, can't trust anyone now, and presumes the worst about the only
      > person she knows cares about her.

      There's been some real detrimental blows to Natsuki's conscience of
      late...which is why I'll not buy into the 'disgusted' part of so many
      people's arguement of her reaction. Not until she's said so herself.
      In sane mind.

      > Natsuki has nothing at this point, no MIP, no Duran, and no purpose,
      > since they all hinged on the same thing.

      And a shame indeed. She's lost will to fight...whether she realizes it
      or not...and without that will Dhuran will never answer her summons. I
      can only think confusedly on this developement. We have the 3
      valkyries - one of which without a child, one with a child on a
      raging, burning warpath of destruction, and one so completely lost in
      herself that she can't even summon her child. Perhaps it's not so much
      that they're meant to have a similar role (which we've sorta been
      assuming, correct?), but that each has their *own* role to fullfill as
      a valkyrie. Now what that might be...I've no clue. :|

      > I still don't think it makes much sense for Natsuki to be apart from
      > Shizuru, even if Natsuki doesn't return any of her feelings, she's
      > still Shizuru's MIP and therefore at risk. But, I got nothing at
      > this point.

      While that make make many a sense to Shizuru, I doubt it would so to
      Natsuki. You'll be lucky if she has that line of logic right now, or
      even if she does to truly care about it. I've little doubts (from the
      preview of 23) that she's making well into the 'okay, I'm so lost that
      wandering the streets will seem to make better sense to me than living
      my life right now and hopefully a car will make me a pancake as I do
      so' mentality.

      >> I think *she* thinks so, but that's because she's picked someone
      >> safe and unattainable to love. If Haruka actually turned around and
      >> returned the feeling, I bet it would progress to perverted faster
      >> than Yukino could imagine.

      Well said, Erica.

      > You say perverted, I say healthy. ;)

      Even better said, Serge. ;D

      >> She's been putting up with Haruka's complaints for at least two
      >> years now - I think she just got sick of it. It's one thing to have
      >> Haruka rag on her endlessly at school, but this &^%$! just showed
      >> up at her private refuge, interrupted her time with Natsuki, then
      >> started screaming about how unnatural she was...nothing personal,
      >> but if i had a magic naginata to pull out about then, I probably
      >> would. :-)

      Totally with you here. And let's face it...the japanese are even more
      particular about 'privacy courtesy' when it comes to houses. And we
      all can pretty well see Shizuru's a typically practical girl. ^^;

      > This might be my Shizuru bias speaking, but I thought she was
      > handling the situation reasonably well, all things considered.
      > Haruka and Yukino were mainly responsible for escalating things.

      I dunno about that...calling Yukino a peeping tom (and that she enjoys
      it) pretty much says a low blow to me (however much she may have
      deserved it for so unreasonably attacking her). ;) I can understand
      where Yukino's coming from, but she really acted overly rash here. And
      Haruka even worse so. Which is making Shizuru trip out...and that's
      gonna spell something nasty (and some respect lost in my book) for

      > And I don't think Shizuru intends to fight Yukino unless she has to.
      > I don't think we've ever seen her attack first, she always reacts
      > defensively, but with overwhelming force. She never starts fights,
      > but she sure as hell finishes them.

      Again, I dunno about that. ^^; Remember that she was the one who
      attacked Nao full-out in 20? And Yukino and Haruka came to calling
      *Natsuki* dirty. Which is why Haruka got slapped back. Haruka's pushed
      a bit too far into Shizuru's threshold for insult...in that she can
      take all the crap about herself...but *damned* if she's going to let
      them drag Natsuki into it.

      What *I'm* trying to figure out is if she's going to be directly
      attacking Haruka for insulting Natsuki and Yukino attempts to deflect,
      or whether it's something where even more heinous altercations are
      sent out, and *that's* what makes the 2 of them snap to fight. Shizuru
      and Yukino have, so far, been argueably the 2 most level-headed of the
      HiME - with the exception of possibly Midori. It's tense...but I don't
      know that I want to believe that Shizuru would attack either of them
      for merely what has already been said. But then, she's been playing
      the trump card of her anonimity to the other HiME to the fullest so
      far, so perhaps she doesn't plan on breaking the streak. And what
      better way to do so than by taking out the HiME that sees that she is

      >> That's because she has the wrong idea about Shizuru...well, no, she
      >> has the right idea, but for the wrong reasons. :-)

      > Though she's not really helping herself, when she says she'd do
      > ANYTHING for the sake of her MIP.

      Well yes, but do you think you'd really want to show your 'oni' face
      to the person you love and are trying to protect on purpose? Keep in
      mind, she doesn't know Natsuki's there...and would most likely act
      differently if she did know she was. Or, if Natsuki did come out and
      told her to stop, I'd like to think that she would, being drained of
      her ability to keep up her oni-ness. But then...maybe madness comes
      with the rage...it wouldn't be unthinkable.

      >> My biggest concern is that, as they so frequently do, the writers
      >> will go away now and leave the ending to the 6-year old girl and
      >> the 9-year old boy writing team of "let's make them all die, then
      >> come back to life and live happily ever after and get married and
      >> have babies" fame. I fear for the Hime-tachi....

      > With good cause. Though I'm hoping to be surprised in a good way.
      > We'll know more in 5 days.

      I just don't want another 'system reset'...I've had my fill for at
      least the next year of that from KnM. I'd rather have them all die
      tragically and never ever be able to return. And perhaps that's what
      Alyssa's song really means. Add more to the fire!! ^_~

      > Next episode, more despair, more suffering, more fights, and more
      > casualties. Yay!! LOL.

      Hey, but we were at casualties 0 this episode. Unless you're wishing
      to count Nao's and Shizuru's growing insanity...but I'm all for more
      boobs. Yes, indeed. I think that's one thing we might all agree upon,

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