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17452Re: Mai HiME ep 22 (Freaking big spoilers, yo)

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  • atheniag
    Mar 5, 2005
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      > SPOILERS!
      > This was an extremely traumatic episode. A little too much happened
      > everywhere so I will just focus on Shizuru x Natsuki.

      > Alone in the bushes, Natsuki reacts badly. Shock, betrayal, disgust,
      > disbelief. There is one highly disturbing sequence (spoiler image!).
      > I think this more of an "imagined" than real event. Only serves to
      > slam home exactly how Natsuki feels to suddenly discover that your
      > only friend is a lesbian who wants you and is sick enough to force
      > herself on you when your defenses are down.

      I agree - I got the distinct feeling that, based on Haruka's OTT
      accusations, Natsuki assumed that Shizuru stole alot more than a
      single kiss.


      > And that's about it. BTW, Yukino denies that what she feels for
      > is the same as Shizuru's feelings. Actually, I can sort of
      > that. Yukino cares deeply for Haruka, but I don't think she actually
      > desires Haruka on a sexual level. Unlike our resident pervert of a
      > shachou.

      I think *she* thinks so, but that's because she's picked someone safe
      and unattainable to love. If Haruka actually turned around and
      returned the feeling, I bet it would progress to perverted faster than
      Yukino could imagine.

      > My only suspicion, aside from the fact that the writers write it so
      > the HiMEs would be as traumatized as possible, is, "Why the heck
      > Shizuru want to fight Yukino?" No argument over sexuality or
      > of privacy warrants hauling out your naginata and demon squid from
      > hell!

      She's been putting up with Haruka's complaints for at least two years
      now - I think she just got sick of it. It's one thing to have Haruka
      rag on her endlessly at school, but this &^%$! just showed up at her
      private refuge, interrupted her time with Natsuki, then started
      screaming about how unnatural she was...nothing personal, but if i had
      a magic naginata to pull out about then, I probably would. :-)

      > Personally this episode left me somewhat depressed as well. Perhaps
      > Natsuki overreacted (duh, you'd think she'd have a clue). I admit
      > Shizuru overstepped the bounds of decency by stealing that kiss. But
      > what struck me was how Natsuki's reaction could be so typical, in
      > it's more realistic. How would you feel if your best friend was
      > revealed to want you? In the US, there's a good chance they pull out
      > gun and shoot!

      Not in any crowd I run with. lol I remember clearly a (straight, or so
      she would like to believe) friend once asking me, a little
      hysterically, what to say to a female co-worker who told her that she
      had a nice ass. I looked at her ass, agreed that it was nice and told
      her to say "Thank you."

      > No, clearly Natsuki is not quite as forgiving as Himeko. And Shizuru
      > doesn't feel as noble as Chikane :P

      That's because she has the wrong idea about Shizuru...well, no, she
      has the right idea, but for the wrong reasons. :-)

      My biggest concern is that, as they so frequently do, the writers will
      go away now and leave the ending to the 6-year old girl and the 9-year
      old boy writing team of "let's make them all die, then come back to
      life and live happily ever after and get married and have babies"
      fame. I fear for the Hime-tachi....


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