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17399The Return of Toki-Mecha

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  • atheniag
    Feb 27, 2005
      Hello all -

      A few years ago, Takeuchi Naoko, becst know for being the creator of
      "Sailor Moon" started a series in Nakayoshi called "Toki-Meka," the
      story of genius inventor Hoshino and her cute robot girl creation,

      The series died out after a few chapters, but as of 2005, it has
      returned to the pages of Nakayosi, in a new format.

      In *this* version, Hoshino had a dear friend, Mimii, but left Mimii
      go to America. They promised to never forget each other, but you know
      how it is....

      Well, Mimii has just turned 13 and into her life pops this outrageous
      magical robot girl Hanasaki Meka, which has, of course, brought shiny
      clothes, makeup and imporbable situations into Mimii's otherwise
      normal life.

      In issue two, Hoshino sends a holographic message to Mimii wishing
      a happy birthday and giving her Meka as her present. Meka responds by
      saying that she will be Mimii's "very very close friend!"

      Takeuchi Naoko has always been out friend here in yuri-land, so I'll
      just have to keep reading and see where it leads. :-)

      And since Nakayoshi is also carrying the PreCure manga and Sweet
      Valerian, I guess I'll be getting it on a regular basis again... lol