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17198Re: [Yuricon] R.O.D. Vol. 5

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  • John Merced
    Feb 11, 2005
      This message is aboutR.O.D. Vol 5. I live in orlando
      and I was wondering which Best Buy it is that has Vol.
      5, If someone wouldnt mind helping me out with this.
      Especially if u live in orlando. So drop me line, if
      anybody knows anything. Hey maybe we can become
      friends. -John
      --- theo@... <theo@...> wrote:
      > What luck. When it comes to buying anime on dvd,
      Best Buy is both the
      > stupidest and greatest place to get it. Of all the
      Best Buys here in
      > Orlando, none of them had Vol. 4 of R.O.D. the TV.
      The computers at
      > each store said that they had at least 6 copies
      available! Now, three
      > weeks later, I stumble across R.O.D. Vol. 5 on the
      anime shelf, and a
      > sudden hammer hit me over the head. What is going
      on? Vol. 5 isn't due
      > out for another two weeks! And there still isn't any
      sign of Vol. 4!
      > Spoilers!
      > Spoilers!
      > One more time for safety.
      > Spoilers!
      > Since I had to buy Vol. 4 at a very expensive store
      somewhere in a
      > little town called Down Town Disney, I had no
      problems in quickly
      > watching Vol. 5. All I can say is this. Poor Yomiko.
      All these things
      > she has done over the years that have brought
      nothing but bad things to
      > the world, and all she wants to do is make things
      better. What better
      > way to do that with only Anita to help her out?
      Especially now that she
      > officially blames her for her painful memories that
      still bother her.
      > Oh, that moment at the end of Episode 20 still hurt
      the big one. I
      > think I can safely say that Anita was simply over
      reacting. Honestly,
      > she can't go on like this forever. I've seen that
      happen in anime
      > already (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. The
      ending for that was
      > more scarier and disturbing than the ending to
      Evangelion!). Downer
      > things aside, the most exciting part of the whole
      package didn't happen
      > till I opened the DVD case. I was so exited to see
      what the next lovely
      > pencil board design was going to be that would soon
      be bestowed upon
      > Erica. Simply put, I'm laughing about what she has
      to say about it
      > already. This makes the Vol. 4 pencil board look
      like a Care Bears book
      > cover. The other side of the board that features
      Nancy is kind of cute
      > once you spot Yomiko reflected on the locker door
      mirror. Cute little
      > Yuri potential there. Much more bearable than the
      "other" side of the
      > board!
      > Thank you, and good luck.
      > Jeyl

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