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17017[Yuricon] Marimite season 3?

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  • Aimi Hayashi
    Jan 12, 2005
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      Hello everyone,

      I've recently started watching this Series (Yes, Internet Pirate, but would indeed buy a box set of the series to show off if they actually published it in the States) and in my opinion, find it pretty darn captivating. I can echo like someone before on here mentioned how their personal High school Experience as kind of "Eh, yeah sure-sure," but We didn't have Roses, Festivals and Clubs were I went. It's kind of like an Azumanga Diaoh only with more dimentions and more drama then just being silly and goofy. Just a cool series. ^^

      There has been something I have been wondering about the Maria-Sama Ga Miteru series, or should I say about many Anime Television Series. Are they shown in the morning to watch before school? Is it kind of like the Simpsons or various other American shows that everyone watches at night a chats about the next day?

      I dunno, it's kind of a strange question, but It's interesting to me to know what kind of age their target audience is.


      AH ^^b

      If only there was a third Season.. *pout*

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