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16987New Year's news for yuri fans

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  • atheniag
    Dec 31, 2004
      Some interesting news for us to start the year off right. ;-)

      Geneon will be releasing Air Master beginning in March, yay!

      Funimation is aiming to get Bakuretsu Tenshi out by May - it will be
      called "Burst Angel". (It's not yuri, but Funimation is also stating
      that it will be releasing Kodocha/Kodomo no Omocha in summer 2005.
      'Bout time, too.)

      Media Blasters is re-releasing the Iczer-1 OVA and has just released
      the Seraphim Call OVA as a single set (now available through the
      brand-spankin' new Yuricon Shop anime page at http://www.yuricon

      In Japan, the manga series Ichigo Mashimaro, which has been andied
      about in many japanese yuri fan circles and reviewed by Yuri Shimai,
      is slated to become an anime in 2005.

      And just from wandering around the new season trailers, Xenosaga looks
      mightily slashable, in fact there's a ton of fan art out there
      already, and Interlude looks very chicks-with-weapons-y. :-)

      And with that said, I wish everyone here a very healthy, prosperous
      and happy new year.