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16633Re: [Yuricon] Recruiting for "The List"

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  • KathrynDarkStar@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2004

      >granted, I haven't seen the show, but... that seems more of a
      >"thankyouforbeingmyfriendiwuvyou"-snuggle rather than a... "oh...
      >god... you make my heart beat so fast and and and"-embrace. love is...
      >well. awkward. e___e  plenty of girls hug and tell their friends they
      >love them. I probably shouldn't be speaking, since I haven't seen it,
      >but hey. ^^; Just thought I'd give my two cents.
      Eh, you're right. >_< but I SWEAR they're a yuri couple. Just watch the show! You'll see! I haven't seen it in well over a year, but I'm pretty sure that Sakura admits her love to Key while key is all depressed and Sakura and comforting her... Could be wrong. All I remember is that they were by a window. Hehe. I'll have to rewatch the series and get back to you on that. >_< However I think I lost the first VHS (Yes, VHS. They still exist in the dark corners of poor Otaku's rooms) when I moved, but I'll have to see.
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