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16621Re: [Yuricon] Yuri goggles and this season's anime

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  • Adam Jones
    Nov 1, 2004
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      On Mon, 01 Nov 2004 09:33:27 -0500, "Erica Friedman"
      <alecto_fury@...> wrote:
      >From: Chalcahuite <ximatl@...>

      > >>Sure, Kannazuki no Miko is like Yamibou meets Marimite, but other
      > >than that, I'm pretty stuck for fun couples to watch.
      > >While I'm enjoying this series, I keep waiting for the other shoe to
      > >drop, so I'm not as into it as I was PGSM or Marimite.
      > Well, that's because it's an utter piece of crap. LOL

      Amen. I almost feel less guilty about watching Re: Cutie Honey...

      > Chikane, however, will be going on "The List" as soon as i get a
      > chance to do the next update.

      No kidding... Of course, I'm in little doubt that Himeko will turn out
      to be depressingly straight and that Chikane will end up doing the
      embittered if-I-can't-have-her-no-one-can thing later on, before finally
      being defeated by Boring Robot Guy. At least episode 4 gives us some
      handy dark-and-painful-past to be overcome in the course of gratuitous
      slashing, I suppose.

      (I'm only watching in the hope that my Mad Prophetic Skillz have
      declined somewhat since Madlax.)
      Adam Jones (adam@...)(http://www.yggdrasl.demon.co.uk/)
      .oO("I ahve a ebtv and really am offended" )
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