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16395Re: [Yuricon] MariMite Haru 13 (SPOILERS)

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  • sean@centragarden.net
    Sep 28, 2004
      On 28 Sep 2004 at 1:46, Chalcahuite wrote:

      > for all who gets to be Yumi's soeur?  (Speaking of Kanako, although all
      > I know about her is what I get from fanart and comments from English
      > speaking Japanese fans, I will state on the record, that I'm officially
      > a Kanako supporter. Why? How about anybody but Touko? Or crazy stalkers
      > need a little love, too. Or since the Chinesis family seems to pick
      > their members from the mold of social reclamation projects, she fits
      > the bill perfectly. Did I mention anybody but Touko? ;) (Although, I'll

      I think it should be Touko for precisely the reason you gave, oddly. 
      The novels, from what I see, do their best to paint Kanako as 1st-
      year-Yumi to the Nth power - worshipful of her perfect girl, only in
      Kanako's case to the exclusion of rational thought.  But that's why
      Yumi needs to be a Sei to Kanako, not a Sachiko.  Having Kanako be a
      petit soeur to Yumi would merely add to the problem.  Touko, otoh,
      would make a great petit soeur, as she doesn't have any confidence
      issues, but disciplinary ones.  This is something a soeur
      relationship can definitely help, as there's a definite 'you will do
      what I tell you' to it.

      --and I still love Touko-chan, beeeeeeeeeedah!  :D
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