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16394Re: [Yuricon] MariMite Haru 13 (SPOILERS)

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  • Chalcahuite
    Sep 27, 2004
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      On Sep 27, 2004, at 6:10 AM, sean@... wrote:

      > It's over! Waah!
      > Enjoyable, if somewhat predictable. I haven't read the novels, but
      > the people who have say it
      > was very rushed and I can sort of see that.

      Yeah, I agree. There certainly seemed to be enough material to make two
      episodes out of this.

      > Yumi really did nice in this episode. Her interaction with Touko was
      > absolutely wonderful -
      > once she doesn't see Touko as a threat anymore, she's not only able to
      > be pleasant but also
      > to manipulate her - this is to me the biggest sign that Yumi is
      > starting to mature. And I liked
      > Yumi waving to the onlookers, who were probably sure Yumi was going to
      > whip out a rosary on
      > Touko. :D

      Yumi certainly seems to have gained more confidence in herself, and I
      think that was what everyone was reacting to. Her quiet confidence
      mistaken for the eerie calm before she throws down. ;) I kept
      wondering if Kanako was among them, but I don't think they put her in
      the backgrounds.
      It was good to Shimako and Noriko again, it seems like ages since their
      arc of episodes. I think Yumi comments that Shimako is fitting the role
      of Rosa Gigantea now, and that's probably because of Noriko.

      > Youko shows up in a suit, looking like she went straight from high
      > school to high finance, but
      > her main job in the story is to get Yumi from Point A to Point B.

      I think the suit fits her well. And it was good to see her again, even
      if she was just merely a plot device.

      > The cinematography in this episode was incredibly over the top (the
      > car bouncing around the
      > road, the line of fangirls on either side of the Lillian path, and of
      > course the vagina of roses that
      > Yumi and Sachiko stand between at the end), but for some reason it
      > seemed to work.

      That would be the yuri bat, because, apparently, the yuri stick just
      wasn't big enough. ;) I couldn't help but laugh when they did the
      "vagina of roses," I was kinda reminded of Kaorin in Azumanga Daioh.
      Way to be subtle, guys. LOL.
      At least there, the hints of Yumiko and Sachiko's Grandmom's story
      echoing Yumi and Sachiko's were pretty nice, only it looks like things
      only got patched up too late for a happy ending. I suppose you could
      take it as a metaphor for genre, Yumiko and Sachiko's Grandma was how
      the story used to end, and Yumi and Sachiko are how we're ending it

      > Sachiko... um, well, it's good to see her back with Yumi. I do like
      > her, but the Rainy Blue arc,
      > at least in the anime version, really did her no favors.

      Sachiko has to be the least developed of all the remaining Roses, but
      that's probably a result of having the anime as the only point of
      reference. I'm sure the novel had much more insight into Sachiko that
      they couldn't cover in 25 minutes. Maybe I'll know more once I get the
      fansub of this episode, but at the moment she still feels a little two

      > And that's it, at least unless someone hears about a Series 3 (I'm not
      > very sure about that,
      > myself. Novels 7-11 had several big arc plots to deal with that could
      > be easily made into
      > anime. 12-17, from what I know, are far more scattershot and not as
      > 'anime-ready', with the
      > exception of the Kanako arc. But we shall see...)

      The ending works as a season ender, not a series ender. At least not
      for me. I suppose if we don't get any more episodes we can imagine the
      both of them overcome by the moment and going to town on grandma's
      deathbed. It's what she would have wanted. ;)
      Personally, I want to see how things go from here. Will Yumi eventually
      ditch the ribbons? Will she pick up the Gendo Ikari mannerisms that
      seem to be traditional for the Chinesis family? Will Tsutako catch
      Noriko and Shimako making out in the broom closet? What's up with Sei
      and Kei? What happens in Italy? Will Yoshino ever get into fighting
      trim? Will Touko ever become housebroken? Will we ever get to see
      Kanako? Will Touko and Kanako have a cage match to determine once and
      for all who gets to be Yumi's soeur? (Speaking of Kanako, although all
      I know about her is what I get from fanart and comments from English
      speaking Japanese fans, I will state on the record, that I'm officially
      a Kanako supporter. Why? How about anybody but Touko? Or crazy stalkers
      need a little love, too. Or since the Chinesis family seems to pick
      their members from the mold of social reclamation projects, she fits
      the bill perfectly. Did I mention anybody but Touko? ;) (Although, I'll
      admit that anime Touko is not nearly as bad as I was lead to believe,
      but I still don't like her. I think it's the sense of entitlement she
      has, or the saccharine way she bounces her drills. Nope, don't like

      > Overall, I greatly enjoyed the 2nd season, and found the development
      > of the characters to be a
      > big plus. Hopefully someone will come along and license this (perhaps
      > times so that Ayu is
      > just about to release 13 when it's announced. ^_-)

      The coming season has some potential, but I'm going to miss Marimite
      and its wonderful characters and the yuri bat appearances. Hopefully,
      they decide to animate the other novels. Including the new one that's
      going to be released next month. For the moment we have the eventual
      release of the fansubs to look forward to. ;)
      As for licensing, I get the feeling that when they announce licensing,
      they'll announce Season 3 and possibly 4. I'd like to see them stretch
      it out a bit, if they can stretch out the same five stories in Inuyasha
      to 167 episodes, I'm sure they can coax 26 outta a handful of novels.

      "Everybody's feeling fine, because it's party time!"
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