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16388MariMite Haru 13 (SPOILERS)

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  • sean@centragarden.net
    Sep 27, 2004
      It's over! Waah!

      Enjoyable, if somewhat predictable. I haven't read the novels, but the people who have say it
      was very rushed and I can sort of see that.

      Yumi really did nice in this episode. Her interaction with Touko was absolutely wonderful -
      once she doesn't see Touko as a threat anymore, she's not only able to be pleasant but also
      to manipulate her - this is to me the biggest sign that Yumi is starting to mature. And I liked
      Yumi waving to the onlookers, who were probably sure Yumi was going to whip out a rosary on
      Touko. :D

      Youko shows up in a suit, looking like she went straight from high school to high finance, but
      her main job in the story is to get Yumi from Point A to Point B.

      The cinematography in this episode was incredibly over the top (the car bouncing around the
      road, the line of fangirls on either side of the Lillian path, and of course the vagina of roses that
      Yumi and Sachiko stand between at the end), but for some reason it seemed to work.

      Sachiko... um, well, it's good to see her back with Yumi. I do like her, but the Rainy Blue arc,
      at least in the anime version, really did her no favors.

      And that's it, at least unless someone hears about a Series 3 (I'm not very sure about that,
      myself. Novels 7-11 had several big arc plots to deal with that could be easily made into
      anime. 12-17, from what I know, are far more scattershot and not as 'anime-ready', with the
      exception of the Kanako arc. But we shall see...)

      Overall, I greatly enjoyed the 2nd season, and found the development of the characters to be a
      big plus. Hopefully someone will come along and license this (perhaps times so that Ayu is
      just about to release 13 when it's announced. ^_-)

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