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15873Re: [Yuricon] Hi folks

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  • Melissa McCarthy
    Aug 6, 2004
      Erica said:
      > Hey, everyone, Rica is the author of "Rica 'tte Kanji!?", so if you have a
      > copy, tell her how much you enjoy it, so she draws more of Rica and Miho
      > us. :-)

      ::fangirl squeal:: It's Rica Takashima! I *love* "Rica 'tte Kanji!?" In
      fact, it inspired one of the only (if not the only) other posts I've come
      out of my shell to make here! It always makes me smile ^_^

      Erica also said:
      > Rica also wrote "Obenkyo Shinasai" for the new Yuri Monogatari. If
      > you've read that, you know why I'm smirking. :-)

      I'm really looking forward to having Yuri Monogatari arrive at Anime Castle.
      I'm so jealous of everyone who's already gotten to read it!

      Melissa, returning to Marimite-yuri-inspired bliss (Shimako/Noriko forever!)
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