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15825Re: [Yuricon] Hi folks

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  • seaya@tinybittykitty.org
    Aug 4, 2004
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      On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 09:30:11PM -0400, Koemy@... wrote:
      > My name is Rica takashima,
      > I am in japan, now, its very humid and hot,

      Hi Rica!!!

      I am currently reading your manga, if you are who I think you are.
      Totemo kawaii desu!!!

      To introduce myself to the list.

      I'm Leah Marcus from Baltimore. I signed up at Otakon. I'm Otakon staff

      It was good to see your table there. And it was good to see Yuri that
      was not from an objectifying male gaze. ;)

      Fave anime: Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster, Serial Experiments Lain,
      Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perfect Blue, El Hazzard, anything majorly
      messed up or surreal, anything Miyazaki, and most especially Read or Die

      Fave story games: Chrono Trigger (with of course the minor Yuri
      reference of Lucca ;)), Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Anything, Xenogears,

      Fave Yuri character: Yomiko Readman

      Fave Yuri relationship: Yomiko and Nancy
      (surprise surprise)

      Would love recommendations on any Yuri that is not too Shoujo.

      (though a little sweetness is ok)

      And otherwise, I'm a Babylon 5 fan :).


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