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15823Re: [Yuricon] Hi folks

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  • Chalcahuite
    Aug 4 7:57 PM
      Well, in the name of being social . . .

      I'm Serge, and I live in Philadelphia where it's also hot and humid.
      Fortunately, I have central air conditioning.
      I'm male and therefore my appreciation of yuri is really just a reptile
      brain kind of thing. ;) (Chicks making out. Mmmmmm.) Well, OK, the
      higher brain functions do come in to play every now and then, but shhh,
      I'm keeping that on the down low. :-D
      I tend to post really long and inane ramblings about minor details
      nobody else cares about and make really wild and erroneous speculation
      about how current series might turn out. I also try really hard to be
      funny, but since it's all a plea for attention I think most people just
      laugh at me, rather than with me. ;)
      I'm also one of Erica's many loyal minions and can often be found
      lifting heavy objects, giving out neck rubs and squishing bugs. ;)

      Favorite Couple:
      Haruka and Michiru

      I really want to be like Haruka when I grow up, though Satou Sei is a
      real close second.

      Currently watching

      Good: Madlax, Phantom Memory Kurau, Maria-sama ga Miteru - Haru, Pretty
      Guardian Sailor Moon, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd gig,
      Uninhabited Planet: Survive!

      Bad: Tengou Tenge, Bakuretsu Tenshi. Steel Angel Kurumi Zero (Actually
      still downloading, but it's M.O.E so I already know it will suck.)

      Undecided: Otogizoushi (looking good), DearS (alien slave girls,
      looking bad), 2X2 Shinobuden, Soukyuu no Fafner (Can't seem to get over
      the Gundam Seed character designs to figure out whether or not I like

      Anyway, I've also started to learn Japanese for the sole purpose of
      being able to ask random Japanese where they keep their giant mecha
      when I visit next year and so I can read the riveting dialogue and
      sound effects in H-doujins. ;)


      "Everybody's feeling fine, because it's party time!"
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