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15610Re: [Yuricon] Re: Kurau: Phantom Memory Ep 1

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  • Trishane Lee
    Jul 3, 2004
      I think serge is taking it all a little too seriously. and who knows what energy based life forms can feel Have you ever known one?

      Chalcahuite <ximatl@...> wrote:
      On Jul 3, 2004, at 2:35 PM, donnaneely wrote:

      > I would compare it to the Trill in Star Treks Jadziha Dax (sic). The
      > lifeform required a Human host?

      Well, Star Trek  always plays a little fast and loose with the science
      aspects of their stories, but I would argue that the Dax host, since
      it's a living creature with a physical body is far easier to ascribe
      the human experience to, then something that exists as pure energy.

      > It occurs to me that many anime characters are embued with
      > otherworldy characteristics or cyborg parts or whatever. I believe
      > the demand for any List character to be utterly 100% human would
      > likely result in many qualifiers being removed. etc etc etc,,,, have i
      > made the point yet Serge???

      I'm not advocating any sort of purity standard for the List; it's fine
      the way it is. <mock outrage> And I'll thank you to let me jump to my
      own conclusions, if you please. </>
      And if the point is that it's sometimes necessary to ascribe the human
      condition to things that are not human to tell a story, then yes, I
      concede the point willingly.  Though the difference that I find, and
      has gotten me into trouble apparently, is that everyone you mentioned
      in your list was either created by humans to mimic the human condition
      or is based or related to humanity in some way. The Rynax are not at
      all related to humanity in any aspect that I can tell, which is why I
      questioned it.

      > Makes me laugh that the guy who is still hoping for that yuri in
      > Daphne is disregarding Kurau out of the box. So Serge you earned
      > another laugh/chuckle from me.

      Well, I'm glad I don't have to try so hard anymore to make you laugh.
      Apparently the key is my inability to articulate coherently ;)

      I wasn't completely disregarding Kurau out of the box, I was just
      implying that the Rynax, since they are energy based life forms and
      beyond our experience, threw up a flag for my inner science geek.
      Obviously, if I weren't a bit of a hard SF fanboy, I wouldn't be in so
      much trouble, now. :-P

      "I'm taking my marbles, and going home!"

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