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15606Re: [Yuricon] Re: Kurau: Phantom Memory Ep 1

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  • Chalcahuite
    Jul 3, 2004
      On Jul 3, 2004, at 5:13 PM, Erica Friedman wrote:

      >> From: Chalcahuite <ximatl@...>
      >> Uh, not to be a gloomy Gus, but the energy based lifeform angle puts a
      >> question mark on any potential yuri subtext for me here. How can we
      >> tell if what we may be seeing is based on genuine human emotion or
      >> just
      >> the closest human approximation of their natural state of being? .
      > You could ask that question of Alpha and Kokone in Yokohama Shopping
      > Log,
      > too, or the steel angel that obbsesses over Kurumi, too. I think that
      > there
      > has to be a hand-wave there. We have to assume that the emotion is
      > real, or
      > why bother to write it in at all?

      Well, I don't know if Androids/robots/etc are a good example here,
      since they're generally constructed from the start to emulate or
      approximate the human experience, especially in these cases, as opposed
      to completely alien life form with which I don't think we can
      completely identify with. However, I understand the point you're
      making, so I'll just chalk it up to over thinking things again. ;)

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