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15597Re: Kurau: Phantom Memory Ep 1

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  • donnaneely
    Jul 3, 2004
      I would compare it to the Trill in Star Treks Jadziha Dax (sic). The
      lifeform required a Human host? Hence fans were able to see two women
      resolving a romance that if it would have continued would have been -
      between two women with a trill inside one of them. Would you refuse
      to watch it cuz it wasnt Yuri - heck i was watching it repeatedly
      just cuz it WAS Yuri in every way imagery-wise. I mean lets not
      forget that imagery carries its own messages regardless of the in
      depth backstory.

      Also, lets not completely disregard that Kurau cried real tears at
      the arrival of her partner, as well as having considerable human
      variety angst whilst waiting 10 yrs for her partners arrival. And
      showed affection for her father whilst being a "energy based life
      form" that was explained as the human in her coming through.

      It occurs to me that many anime characters are embued with
      otherworldy characteristics or cyborg parts or whatever. I believe
      the demand for any List character to be utterly 100% human would
      likely result in many qualifiers being removed. Say the mech from
      Yokohama, Witch Anthy, Goddess in El Hazard, Devilman Lady, Digimon
      in Tamers, Vampire Princess Miyu, Jubei (who is a man actually),
      Steel Angel, etc etc etc,,,, have i made the point yet Serge???

      Makes me laugh that the guy who is still hoping for that yuri in
      Daphne is disregarding Kurau out of the box. So Serge you earned
      another laugh/chuckle from me.

      regards, donnaneely

      > Uh, not to be a gloomy Gus, but the energy based lifeform angle
      puts a
      > question mark on any potential yuri subtext for me here. How can we
      > tell if what we may be seeing is based on genuine human emotion or
      > the closest human approximation of their natural state of being? .
      If I
      > think about it the Rynax exists as a binary energy based lifeform,
      > I'm guessing things like sex, gender, and, I think, emotions, are
      > pretty much meaningless in their natural state of existence, so we
      > attempt to define their existence/relationship in human terms, but
      > think, and especially if the writers are being honest, it's a
      > translation that's somewhat lacking. Kind of like translating
      > to English and back, I don't think you can express the full gamut
      > each existence completely.
      > Anyway, it's not going to stop me from watching, because it was
      > riveting, I'm just not sure it'll be List material.
      > -==-
      > Serge
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