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15589To ALL 708 members - Watchoo Watchin'???

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  • donnaneely
    Jul 2, 2004
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      I realize that not everyone on the list downloads the fansub new
      releases. So I am curious.....what all Yuri related Anime series or
      OVAs or one-offs or mangas are folks watching or reading right now?

      Any new recommendations for the List from the new members?

      Even if it is something from our "august List", i would still like to
      know what people are watching/reading? I have all kinds of stuff on
      my shelf yet to be watched and I love to be steered by someone else's
      enthusiastic recommendation.

      For myself:

      RGU: I am going through Revolutionary Girl Utena for the second time
      finally (with the addition of the manga). I am having some
      extraordinary dialog offlist on the series too. I can easily say I am
      enjoying it 100 times more the second time through. Might even post
      some of my new thoughts soon.

      RG Veda/Magic Knights Rayearth - Watched the first dvd volume of RD
      Veda and about 9 Episodes of MKR and......<sigh>.....well I will be
      posting a separate message on my mental wrestling match with CLAMP.
      But I would love to hear from some folks who are CLAMP lovers - folks
      who have seen more of their work than I have? Cause I am not liking
      their work much right now. I have seen Miyu in Wonderland, and Manga
      wise reading CLAMP WISH and Chobits and have on standbye Card Captor
      Sakura and Tsubasa and XXXholic.

      Cowboy Bebop - okay no Yuri, I know, but doggone I Tivoed an episode
      the other day where Faye lays a big sloppy smooch on Ed. So well I
      just had to check out the rest. (Of course I previously admitted my
      obsessive crush on Electra from the movie.) I gotta say - I think Ed
      qualifies for the list as an honorary Gender mixed character. Can we
      create a side list for Gender mixed characters that we love Erica???

      Kaleido Star - Started watching this because of Erica's excellent
      review in Animerica (i think that was the pub - but i know it was
      Erica). She had me utterly convinced I was missing something. Lo and
      Behold the first ep. had me in tears. But then I am a sucker for
      overcoming all odds stories.

      Alien Nine - finally got around to watching the anime series of this.
      I shamefully admit I totally missed the REAL ending that they
      carefully buried in the final credits. I am almost relieved that I
      did because I would have been an emotional wreck. The entire 3 part
      series just ripped my guts out. Coming of Age story? I agree with one
      of our listmembers that there is definitely some echoings of
      childhood abuse stuff in here. But doggone if I have the stomach to
      go back and analysis it. Trying to commit myself to the manga next.

      Kino's Journey: started this and am now fascinated by my reactions
      depending on whether I read the main character as female or male. I
      have read on different websites different sex assignments. For
      instance the screenwriter seems to believe the lead is a male, but NO
      WHERE else does the US studio/official site identify the gender at
      all? Anyone know anything more definitive??? Though I like that
      approach much much better - let the viewer decide what gender they
      want to see.

      NieA_7: again I will post separately on this series since I feel the
      content warrants some consideration from our Yuri perspective. I will
      say here that I was baffled and off-put and compelled and charmed by
      this series. Now that seems a very good thing to me! lol.

      Also watched Perfect Blue, Millineum Actress and Tokyo Godfathers in
      the last few months.....though none pertain to this list, they were
      all excellent viewing experiences. I would especially recommend Tokyo
      Godfathers to anyone.

      et vous? please share?? Not that I want to go off topic but would
      love to hear some new voices. What yuri have you watched lately? Old
      or new?

      Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and to USA'ers hope it includes
      an extra day off! ; >

      ciao, donnaneely
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