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15581Kurau: Phantom Memory Ep 1

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  • donnaneely
    Jun 30, 2004
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      Promising?............Science Fiction series - Moon 2100 - though you
      wouldnt know it but for the flying cars. LOL

      Lead character, Kurau, is described in a not negative way as a Tomboy
      by her father and caretaker. Kurau endures a circumstance that
      results in her havintg and awaiting her Partner. For she is now such
      that she will exist in a Pair. For those reading Newtype we already
      know that the partner will arrive in a rendering of her existing form
      but younger. However the partner is a distinctly separate entity.
      Hence a female female pair that cannot truly exist without one

      Best part for me so far. Previews for ep 2 have Kurau in a Tux and
      partner in a dress for some reason or another. Great! Maybe a new
      female character that is allowed to display some true butch or
      androgynous ways? I could only hope.

      mmmm, we shall see where it goes.

      regards, donnaneely
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