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15332Re: More trivial information, but on Topic

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  • donnaneely
    Jun 8, 2004
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Ka-chan" <firesenshimars@y...> wrote:

      > Secondly, did anyone read their synopsis of episode 11 of Marimite?
      > For those who don't know these by heart, it is the episode in which
      > Sei has her own little spotlight - the past episode with Shiori.
      Oh, darnit. I'll just quote.
      > "Everyone is wondering about the author of Ibara no Mori. Yumi,
      > Yoshino, and Rei go to the publisher to get more information."
      > <stares> Pardon me...but didn't that happened in the episode
      > *previous*? Are the editors at Newtype afraid of something? Or
      does that seem paranoid of me?

      Just wanted to weigh in here. I agree that they went out of their way
      to obscure the content of the episdoe - and the avoiding spoiler
      thing doenst fly for me. They could have mentioned it being an
      episode about Sei and a friend at minimum. Viewers would read
      between the lines and known what to hope for, if they already know
      the show.

      FTR,it wouldnt surprise me if Newtype had carefully managed that
      description - after all it is NEWTYPE which has an horrendous Fan
      Service oriented approach in their entire magazine. In fact, for
      amusement, I am counting the number of letters that they post from
      female readers asking if they even realize that female fans read the
      mag too. Must be more then I see if they even bother to post one or
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