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15331Jubei-Chan 2

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  • donnaneely
    Jun 8, 2004
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      So I tracked down this series based on this recommendation below
      (clipped out spoilers) posted some time ago, and I must say - Bravo!
      I am glad that I did.

      I would add that the show is equal parts hilarious comedy and teary
      heartbreak. The mix of the two tones was very well done. I was
      hooting and hollering with laughter then sobbing moments later. What
      a grand ride.

      I also agree with whomever recommended that the first series be
      viewed before the second. There is no Yuri potential in the first,
      but the show is quite entertaining. Juyi is an amusingly played Hero
      and the comedy is good.

      Since I did not see this picked up on the last List update. I posted
      to the correct email my endorsement of Jiyu and Freasha.

      My only criticism is the notable fact that the young girl heros only
      have fathers - mothers as an influence are completely absent or only
      an influence for dying when the girls were young. This trend caused
      the authors to completely eliminate one of the only ADULT woman
      characters, Mikage, from the final two conclusion episodes which was
      very broken considering her role up till then. Did anyone else notice

      Again, thanks to Andy for the recommendation. Excellent show!


      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Andy00@a... wrote:
      > Second season of Jubei-chan.
      > Jiyu Nanohana
      > Freasha Yagyuu (Felicia? Freesia? This is one of those "God
      > knows" Japanese spellings of a foreign name.)
      > Spoilers for all of second season.
      > Jiyu is the inheritor of the "Lovely Eyepatch" (in the shape of a
      > Wearing it, she dons the power and some of the personality of the
      > swordsman "Jubei Yagyuu" from 300 years in the past. However,
      despite his having
      > been a hero, the Yagyuu clan decimated a lot of other clans in
      order to be
      > superior in Japan. Their remnants (both descendants and even the
      the spirits
      > of the dead) are overcome by a supernatural hatred of him. They
      > "Jubei-chan" as his second coming.
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