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  • atheniag
    Jun 7 12:22 PM
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:

      > Yes, you're being paranoid. (But that doesn't mean *they* aren't out
      > get you. ;) All the "synopses" are really just teasers, they
      > don't want to spoil anything, even though it will be years before we
      > get to see Episode 195 of One Piece and Episode 31415 of Matantei
      > Conan.

      Actually, Serge - ep. 195 of One Piece ran this week on Japanese TV.
      With luck, I'll get to see it today. :-)

      OTOH, 31415 of Conan will probably take a week or so to air. ;-)

      > Regardless, Ikkitousen beats Ten-Ten because
      > of one word: Ryoumou. Forget that her author has no idea what to do
      > with her, Ryoumou still rocks.

      Ryomou is da bomb.

      > If it was my job to answer letters from fanboys and fangirls all
      day, I
      > might just be a bit snarky too.

      I spent all weekend talking to fanboys and girls and I was well beyond
      snarky in mere minutes. In fact, I spent most of the weekend in full
      Fury mode, because I have no intention of ever returning to Texas and
      I didn't care who I insulted. It was cathartic and fun. I feel very
      happy about it. :-)


      ("If you're not going to buy it, why are you asking if we have it?
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