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  • Chalcahuite
    Jun 7, 2004
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      On Jun 7, 2004, at 12:35 PM, Ka-chan wrote:

      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:
      >> In the June issue of Newtype magazine, in their Japan Now section,
      >> which contains stats and information from about 3 months ago, our
      >> favorite Sato Sei clocks in at #9 of the Top Ten Most Popular
      >> Female Characters.
      > I saw this as well...and I was very *__* over it. :D Hope she crawls
      > up higher. ^^

      I'd be even more impressed if she did, or even maintained the position
      for another month. I think it's a testament to the fabulousness of Sei
      that her fans voted early and often enough to crack the top ten.;) As
      I said, I'm not sure of it's significance, other than that, since we're
      really getting this dated info without any real context.

      > Firstly, the new manga after the lovely artful shoujo-ai Angel//Dust
      > is...<drum roll> Chrno Crusade. Could we get a bit more on the polar
      > opposite side, please?

      Considering ADV runs Newtype-USA and has the licenses for both the
      anime and manga, no it's not that odd. Before Angel/Dust they were
      running Full Metal Panic, so really Angel/Dust was the odd ball, as
      there was no anime or manga novels to cross-promote.
      Oh wait, you mean from a story perspective. ;) I think Angel/Dust
      originally ran in Newtype Japan, so I'm guessing it wasn't intended as
      shoujo-ai. I think it was more of a shonen short story with
      yuri-implications, which would fit with Newtype's style, especially
      since there was no exploration or resolution to any of the
      relationships really.

      > <stares> Pardon me...but didn't that happened in the episode
      > *previous*? Are the editors at Newtype afraid of something? Or does
      > that seem paranoid of me?

      Yes, you're being paranoid. (But that doesn't mean *they* aren't out to
      get you. ;) All the "synopses" are really just teasers, they apparently
      don't want to spoil anything, even though it will be years before we
      get to see Episode 195 of One Piece and Episode 31415 of Matantei

      > Thirdly, perhaps it would be due to my not paying close enough
      > attention to these posts, but wasn't it slated that Air Master would
      > have the title of Battle Vixens? To my distinct and utter dismay
      > (besides the nice pictures anyhow) I found that it is appearantly
      > the title for Ikkitousen, of all things. <_< Not to mention that
      > it's review was subsequently a bashfest. Honestly. I don't know why
      > Ikkitousen gets *so* much flak, when shows like Ten-ten are promoted
      > above them. At least the fighters of Ikkitousen have a fate bound
      > *reason* to fight, dammit.

      Tokyopop got the license for the Ikkitousen manga and decided that it
      needed to change the name for marketing (I guess?) and called it
      Battle Vixens. (ADV, I think, has the license for the anime but is
      leaving the title as Ikkitousen.) Air Master, as far as I know, is
      still unlicensed.
      Honestly, Ikkitousen, gets a lot of flak because it's not really all
      that well written, and has really excessive fanservice. Ten-Ten is
      better written and has less excessive fanservice, even though you're
      completely right about the premise of both titles, Ikkitousen having
      the weightier background. Regardless, Ikkitousen beats Ten-Ten because
      of one word: Ryoumou. Forget that her author has no idea what to do
      with her, Ryoumou still rocks.

      > Lastly...is it just me...or are their responses in the Newtype Forum
      > to the readers becoming ever-cockier? Somehow they seem very rude in
      > their responses...

      If it was my job to answer letters from fanboys and fangirls all day, I
      might just be a bit snarky too.

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