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15314Re: More trivial information, but on Topic

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  • Ka-chan
    Jun 7, 2004
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:
      > In the June issue of Newtype magazine, in their Japan Now section,
      > which contains stats and information from about 3 months ago, our
      > favorite Sato Sei clocks in at #9 of the Top Ten Most Popular
      > Female Characters.

      I saw this as well...and I was very *__* over it. :D Hope she crawls
      up higher. ^^

      On another note, I was very annoyed with this particular issue. Why?
      Several reasons. (Some are still on topic, honest).

      Firstly, the new manga after the lovely artful shoujo-ai Angel//Dust
      is...<drum roll> Chrno Crusade. Could we get a bit more on the polar
      opposite side, please?

      Secondly, did anyone read their synopsis of episode 11 of Marimite?
      For those who don't know these by heart, it is the episode in which
      Sei has her own little spotlight - the past episode with Shiori. Oh,
      darnit. I'll just quote.

      "Everyone is wondering about the author of Ibara no Mori. Yumi,
      Yoshino, and Rei go to the publisher to get more information."

      <stares> Pardon me...but didn't that happened in the episode
      *previous*? Are the editors at Newtype afraid of something? Or does
      that seem paranoid of me?

      Thirdly, perhaps it would be due to my not paying close enough
      attention to these posts, but wasn't it slated that Air Master would
      have the title of Battle Vixens? To my distinct and utter dismay
      (besides the nice pictures anyhow) I found that it is appearantly
      the title for Ikkitousen, of all things. <_< Not to mention that
      it's review was subsequently a bashfest. Honestly. I don't know why
      Ikkitousen gets *so* much flak, when shows like Ten-ten are promoted
      above them. At least the fighters of Ikkitousen have a fate bound
      *reason* to fight, dammit.

      Lastly...is it just me...or are their responses in the Newtype Forum
      to the readers becoming ever-cockier? Somehow they seem very rude in
      their responses...

      Hm. Managed to stay on topic for 3 of 4 points. Go me.

      ~Ka-chan (who goes to crawl into her dark lurker hole once more)~
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